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Program Registration for 2019 - 2020

You must Contact Joan prior to registering for one of our instructional and coaching programs. She will provided you with a registration code. This ensures that we have enough space to accomodate you in our programs.

Instructional, Coaching and Shooting Fees are as follows:

• 1 evening per week per session: $130
• 2 evenings per week per session: $180
• There is no fee for full-time SMCS students for instruction and coaching when shooting at your school.

• You must be a member of Archery Ontario to participate in the Ontario Championships and our programs.

• Most items on this form are required. If we ask for it, please fill it in. Thanks.

Programs and Events
Athlete Information
  • You must have an OAA Membership to particitpate in our programs. You can continue the registration, but we'll hound you relentlessly until we confirm your membership.
Parent Information
Athlete's Full-Time Student Status
Required Equipment
  • You'll need to buy some small things if you don't have them. We provide the big things.

Registration Problem??? Sometimes, for whatever reason, the online registration doesn't quite work as smoothly as it should. If you get as far as trying to pay before something goes wrong, your player information is probably in the database. You can simply start the registration process over or send us an e-mail Rob. Thanks.